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Emily Linge


My name is Emily Linge. 

I love to sing, play the piano and guitar. I have just started to write my own music.

I was born and raised in Dubai. 

My dad is Norwegian and my mum is from the U.K.

She used to have her own band, and is my big inspiration! My three brothers love to sing and play instruments too. 

I'm very lucky to have two great music teachers; 

Ovidio DeFerrari (piano) and Simon Tomkins (guitar).

I participated on The Voice kids UK with my friend Holly in 2019, where we made it onto Team Pixie! 

Sadly, Holly has left Dubai. 


Hobbies: playing tennis, fitness, art  and sewing!

 My favorite thing about growing up in Dubai is the endless sunshine and the beautiful beaches and sea.


Collaborations with Sina and friends

An Original MUSIC collaboration (Emily aged 11yrs)

PHOTOS March 2021

 Photographer: Raz Moussa

Emily Linge



My brothers

Heaven on the horizon

This song was written by my brother Christian. I think he's a talented song writer.

Mt brothers and I are crazy about The Beatles!

2019 photos

Photographer: Raz Moussa

Photos taken April 2019


Photographs taken 2020

 Photographers: Stephen Godenzie and Raz Moussa

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Words on paper

Vocals & melody: Emily Linge

Lyrics: Peter Vogel

Acoustic & lead guitar: Simon Tomkins

Bass: Jean Toudou

Keyboards: Mark Jackson

Drums: Raul R

Backing vocals: Christine Linge

Producer: Elvis Garagic www.soundstruckstudios.com 


The song is from a collaboration on www.kompoz.com



Raz Moussa


Stephen Godenzie




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