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Emily at only 11 years old is one of the most talented and gifted vocalists/ musicians I’ve ever seen or heard for her age group. She has the emotional delivery of a much more mature woman and let’s you in to feel the music when she plays and sings, along with her perfect pitch! There is no doubt whatsoever that this beautiful young girl with so many gifts and so much tenacity...Will go far in the pop music industry!
Bravo to you on your recent chair turn on The Voice Emily!!!!

Susan Fidler


My name is Emily Linge. I'm 11 years old and I love to sing, play guitar, piano, ukulele and write music.

I was born in Dubai and have lived there all my life. 

My dad is from Norway and my mum is from the U.K.

My mum was a professional singer so I've learned quite a lot from her. I've got 3 brothers. They love to sing and play instruments too. There seems to be a very strong musical gene in my family!

I'm very lucky to have a great piano teacher, Ovidio DeFerrari. I also have a fantastic guitar teacher, Simon Tomkins.

I participated on The Voice kids UK with my friend Holly in 2019. We made it onto Team Pixie! Sadly, Holly has left Dubai so we don't get to sing together any more. 


My hobbies apart from singing are: playing tennis and drawing - I absolutely love art! I also love to sew pretty things. 

 My favourite thing about Dubai is the chance to be able to meet different nationalities and learn about their cultures. I also love the sunshine and the beach.






Lyrics: Mark Monument

Composition: Yvan Nunez / Christine Linge

I love The Beatles


My brother


Heaven on the horizon

This song was written by my brother Christian. I think he's a talented song writer.

Holly and Emily

“Your harmonies with each other were perfect. They are the best we've ever heard a duo do so far” 

Pixie Lott


Latest photographs


Words on paper

Vocals & melody: Emily Linge

Lyrics: Peter Vogel

Acoustic & lead guitar: Simon Tomkins

Bass: Jean Toudou

Keyboards: Mark Jackson

Drums: Raul R

Backing vocals: Christine Linge

Producer: Elvis Garagic www.soundstruckstudios.com 


The song is a result from a collaboration on www.kompoz.com



Raz Moussa





Christine Linge


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